automation gui performance issue

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I have a few pretty heavy-loading CPU projects. There are also a lot ot automated parameters in these projects. When i move mouse over the automation lanes (like just move mouse from bottom to top over the lanes), the CPU is becoming overloaded and it starts clicking and all that stuff.. i believe that this happens because of lot of mouse pointer changes. Yeah, there's a workaround -- just move the mouse around the whole automation panel, not goin' in, but that's a little frustrating )

Win7 x32, core i5.

Ross B.
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This seems highly unusual. Would you be able to take a screenshot of the state of the patch during the CPU glitches? please send to Sending one of the problem .amh files would also be helpful as it will allow me to evaluate it here.

Note that  graphics CPU usage should not affect the audio stability, so this also suggests maybe some problem with your graphics driver or motherboard configuration.

Would you be able to supply more information about what soundcard and audio drivers you are using? that would also be helpful to diagnose the issue.

Easiest if you can email me and we'll sort it out. Thanks.