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I´ve love to make a lot of Presets for my VST Synth in Audiomulch. Unfortunaly not all of them has their own preset managment and the handling of fxb files in audiomulch is a horror. Can we get a function to rename a preset within the bank? Or at least to save single presets (fxp)? So I could compile the single presets later to a bank.


Thx for audiomulch and everything whats coming up.



Ross B.
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Can you explain what you expect of "preset management". What functions do you expect? what specific problems do you have with AM at the moment in this area?

.fxp saving has been requested before and it is near the top of the list of things that I would like to get around to implementing.

Note that the recommended workflow would be to use AM presets.


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 Seems to be a question of re-usability. AM preset management works great but I think people  like the fact that with vst preset management, you can save the preset and re-use it in another software.