SDelay presets not recalling properly [fixed in 2.2.3]

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When you first open an SDelay contraption, its delay is set to 200 milliseconds on left and right channels.  Usually, I immediately switch to the "Sync to" setting and work in terms of whole numbers of 1/16th notes, or 8ths, but just now, I liked the way 200ms sounded, so I stored that setting as a preset No. 1. Later, I changed over to Sync to 16ths, 3.0 left and 5.0 right. I made that work, too, and stored it as Preset  No 2.

And then, I thought I'd switch back to my first preset, and I did, but now, instead of showing 200ms, it shows 32.0. And I've tried this setting and switching back and forth a few times, but always it ends up at 32.0, not the original 200. 

OK, so now I tried setting it 500ms; same thing, the preset returns to what it says is 32.0.

And now, I've seen that it depends, when I choose that No. 1 preset from the drop-down list, on whether I double-click on the preset's name field (as I am in the habit of doing), or if I click on its "up arrow" (recall) off to the right of the name. That arrow makes it work correctly, it seems.

I also believe that when I've recalled No. 1, while the contraption may indicate 32.0ms, the actual delay it's imposing on the signal is 200 or 500 or however many ms I've previously set it to. In other words, it's the display of ms that's not working as expected, not the contraption's actual operation.

Or am I missing something?

Ross B.
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> Or am I missing something?

It looks like a bug to me. I can make it happen here. The SDelay automatically converts the delay times when you switch delay units. However, this appears to be interfering with preset recall. If you recall a second time it looks like it is working correctly.

It will be fixed.