Test generator and 10 harmonics; enter note as alternative to frequncy

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For both test generator and 10 harmonics it would be useful to be able to enter the note name (like in bassline) as an alternative to frequncy. This would have the advantage of being able to get these two in tune with standard tuning without havingto resort to a note to frequncy table...

jet jaguar
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I'd like it if both of those contraptions worked like the 5 Combs, i.e. showed a note next to the frequency value and went black when it was close enough to being in tune.

I think that it'd be a more inkeeping way to hopefully address the same issue.

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for the 5Combs way....

would it be possible then to tune AM?

meaning not a hard coded A440,

but adjustable to 432, 516, whatever....

Ross B.
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Yes, eventually it should happen. I have plans to add this kind of thing. Scala tuning table support plus note-based entry everywhere you can currently enter frequencies...


chapelier fou
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A midi keyboard input would be great, too !

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Wow, that is the most intelligent spam I've ever seen. That is really incredible. I had to enter a captcha to make my last post haha!

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I was just thinking about how useful Scala and alternate tunings would be, so I'm bumping this. Would we be able to load scl files per contraption? I wanna use pelog on arps and basslines! :) I'm curious as to how it would work with the pulsecomb too. 

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supporting microtonality in some way would be wonderful.