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Hello Fellow Mulchers,


I am new to the game but have been messing with a number of mixing programs for a few years. I am writing because whenever I put in my loops into the mixer nothing seems to sound right. The loop either sounds too slow or too fast. I can never get it right even when I use the phase tool. Am I clipping the sounds wrong? The loops sound right else where they just don't sound right in Audiomulch. Any tips or help would be great. Thanks

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Have you turned off (unclicked) the Stretch button on LoopPlayer? I bet that's the issue.  Once that's unclicked, your loop will play at original speed with original pitch. And now, you can adjust how much of it will play. Fiddle with the Length and Time Sig. controls and you will find you can make the loop play its full length or for only a portion starting at the beginning, etc., with perhaps some empty space at the end. It's a bit tricky to get right, I find. You may have to trim the loop to your needs, outside of AM.

With Stretch on, the entire loop gets played for however many bars/beats (as AM is counting them, not your original source) you choose, but with the pitch being altered accordingly. 


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Yeah, just reinforcing Winslow17's last point, I think AM is the only program I've come across where the stretch type function doesn't timestretch but rather just resamples.  So if you're new to the software it may well be something you glossed over.