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Ross B.
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Hello Everyone,

AudioMulch 2.2 is just around the corner. It adds MIDI output contraptions. This makes plugins capable of processing or sending MIDI much more interesting to use in AudioMulch, since you will be able to send MIDI from plugins to outboard MIDI hardware.

We've put together a list of MIDI processing and generating plugins for Mac below. Please let us know about any others and we'll update the list. There's also a related list of Windows plugins here.

[Last update: July 20]

Piz pizmidi collection - small useful MIDI processing plugins. Currently free and highly recommended.


Piz MIDI plugins - additional MIDI plugins from Insert Piz Here

Numerology (Mac only) - Modular music sequencing, analog sequencer style step-sequencing and modulation.


Eckel - Euclidian sequencer

Cableguys MidiShaper - flexible LFOs and envelopes



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MIDI shaper: VST. also available for Windows  http://www.cableguys.de/midi-shaper.html

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This is really important for me and midi in AM.

Even today I was struggling to do a simple thing of switching one midi source to 3 destinations within AM. The PizMidi plugs don't cover this so in the end I had to use Plogue VST which does. Not ideal having that layered complexity for something so simple and I sure wish someone would create some new midi utility plugins. Of course the ideal would be native midi contraptions in AM!


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@Andy: the plan is to eventually provide native MIDI splitting, routing and control contraptions in AM. If you have specific requests please post them in the Feature Requests forum. I know other people have their own wish-list items too. But let's keep this thread about plugins available today. -- Ross.

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Uncle GroOve
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I tried installing the Eckel plugin, but it isn't working. I activated a MIDI in contraption and connected it to the Eckel and from there to Reaktor and started the clock but nothing is happening?

Any input (MIDI or otherwise, hehe) is appreciated, as usual



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I've been using Pizmidi's midiProgramChange to trigger program changes on a hardware synth module, but switching between contraption presets in Audiomulch won't make the program change happen - to circumvent this I'm using the metasurface. Does anyone have an idea why this is? It doesn't help that Pizmidi offers no documentation whatsoever. It's not a big deal, but I'd like to free up the metasurface for other purposes.

Ross B.
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@le_kzgl: I can get Pizmidi's midiProgramChange to work here with contraption presets so long as the "mode" parameter is set to "direct" in each preset.

Does that help?

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Sorry for the delay, I completely forgot to check this thread.

That's what I'm doing. The preset change happens at least visually within the VST's interface, but no signal is sent to the MIDI output (going to a hardware synth). The change happens as it should if I use the metasurface instead (using snapshots for each program), or if I drag the value program slider around with the mouse.

It should perhaps be noted that I'm externally controlling the VST's preset change with an external unit. But then again, preset changes on all other contraptions happen flawlessly. Beats me.

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Solved the problem by trying out Numerology instead!

Mind you I had to use the standalone version because the AU causes all sorts of glitches whenever MIDI messages are sent from my controllers.