mode to show CPU per device

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Flower Pot
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Joined: November 21, 2011

a mode that either shows CPU use instead of the contraption/plugins name or makes the patcher object momentarily longer horizontally so it can show the CPU beside the name.

Ross B.
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Yeah. I've also thought about having a separate window to monitor per-contraption CPU usage.

What exact uses do you have in mind for this?

Flower Pot
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Joined: November 21, 2011

When you are planning a show/performance and your signal chain is adding up to 90 something percent CPU and you don't feel totally confident that you won't bump a knob and push it past 99% its worth it to grab a calculator and scratch paper and do the math to see if maybe you should trade out a reverb for one that saves a few cycles and so on.

In short, for debugging purposes.

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Oh this would be super helpful in my situation! I'm running AM on a netbook and have spent a lot of time patching and unpatching working out exactly how many instances of one contraption vs another I can get away with. Would save a lot of time and confusion!

Isn't it strange that rather than optimising what we do with the processing power we have, so often when there is an increase we just max it out and wait until it increases again (sam goes for RAM!).

AM, however, I feel is kind of opposed to this sort of development; it's one of the few audio software packages that has not succumb to bloat over the years.