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hi. new (potential) user here, been using bidule for a while but am looking into alternatives. anyhow, i was kinda surprised that audiomulch does not support midi out - which is kind of a deal-breaker as i need to send sequencer (maschine used as vst) info out to hardware synths, samplers and drum machines. any word on whether or not this is a consideration for future implementation?


- jim

Ross B.
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Hi Jim

Historically I have avoided supporting MIDI because I think it's a huge waste of time :-) -- I've been more interested in supporting audio processing. That's why you don't see it in AudioMulch today.

That said, I just spent the last few months implementing MIDI out for AudioMulch 2.2. This feature is now ready for testing and will be released officially early next year.

If you or anyone else wants to try it out now please send me an email to and I'll hook you up with a test version right away. Also let me know whether you're on Windows or Mac.



Ross B.
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> Historically I have avoided supporting MIDI because I think it's a huge waste of time

I'm not sure that will be understood as intended, so I'm going to qualify it:

Given that MIDI related features have been a large chunk of what's happened in AM development over the last few years, clearly I don't think MIDI is a complete waste of time -- or more to the point: it doesn't really matter what I think. AudioMulch users have asked for better MIDI support and it's been added.

I've always intended AudioMulch first and foremost as an audio processing environment -- something that affords musical expression through the direct manipulation of audio rather than through the lens of MIDI. There are so many great MIDI programs, and the last three decades of electronic music tools have been dominated by the forces of MIDI, this is why I think it's a waste of time, it's been done to death.

As AudioMulch evolved it became clear that MIDI was important for controlling AudioMulch parameters using hardware controllers (which up to now, mostly use MIDI). Later I added MIDI input and routing to better support VST and AudioUnit plugins that often prefer to be controlled via MIDI. This is why there are currently more MIDI input related features than MIDI output features.

Once I'd provided MIDI input and routing, MIDI out was obviously a gap, and it's a gap that will be filled in version 2.2. In due course it should also allow that other long standing gap to be filled: MIDI fader feedback.