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I am curious to know how others might be using the time signature features in 'Mulch. It's a complex topic, I know, but if anyone has some nifty tricks or rhythmic effects they've devised or know about or might suggest for experimentation, I'd be all ears, so to speak. I have been playing with superimposing a Bassline or Drums loop/segment in, say, 7/8 over one in 4/4; the effect can be fairly compelling - a kind of swing, or propulsion, it seems.

Thing is, I have no idea what I am really doing, what rules I may be following or breaking, that is. Maybe I should read up on African or Middle Eastern drumming, as suggested by Brendon here. He offered this link: http://www.khafif.com/rhy/ for a "Middle Eastern Rhythms FAQ".

thanks in advance, John

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There are no rules. That is the only one you can't break. :)

Ross B.
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I too would be interested to hear what people are getting up to with time signatures. I've been making use of the variable-length patterns for loop-phasing type effects. e.g. multiple Drums contraptions with different rhythmic patterns phasing against each other. These typically use long multi-bar loops so it's not really addressing your question.