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When sampling bits of stuff in LoopPlayer, I've found that I enjoy making automation changes to phase in order to create changing patterns that shift in and out of various rhythms. However, I find that making fluid and relatively undetectable changes a bit cumbersome. There's of course the buzzy, glitchy noises you get when you automate phase , and sometimes it actually sounds kind of cool, but it's not always desired. Let's say I have a sample running on a phase of 4.0, and at some point I want to change it to 0.5 in order to acheive a brief stutter, and then immediately change back to 4.0 at the beginning of the next bar. What's the easiest way to achieve this without having that "glitchy" sound become too noticeable? I've tried putting two points on the automation extremely close to each other, almost lying on top of one another, but this doesn't always work (and makes things frustrating). I've also tried meticulously inserting increasing points in the middle. There's gotta be an easier way to do this.

Sorry if this didn't make sense. Hope someone understands what I'm getting at here.

Ross B.
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Hi Ray

Yeah, it sounds like I should investigate de-glitching the phase changes some more.

A completely different approach would be to run two or more loop players with the same sample, at different phases, and then switch between them. You could make the switch by switching mutes on a mixer (or switching presets on a mixer, that switch multiple mutes at once). Or even automating a cross fader.