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Probably a stupid question, but I'm having trouble recording. I tried using a screen capture software to record my project, but for some reason my output isn't picking up the sound that AudioMulch makes. When I play other sounds on the computer, they get picked up, but AudioMulch is the only thing that doesn't get recorded. Any suggestions?

Ross B.
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Hi John

Sorry I don't have any suggestions but if you let us know whether you're on Mac or PC, what OS version you're running and what screen capture program you're trying to use then someone might have an idea for you.

On Windows you might want to experiment with using DirectSound or Windows Multimedia for sound output instead of ASIO. On Mac it may be that because I'm using a low-latency output mode the sound doesn't get routed through the system mixer that your screen capture programme uses.

In the past we've done A/V captures of AM in two ways here: (1) analog loopback with a separate audio interface for recording, (2) system level audio routing on Windows 7 using Camtasia. I remember we had problems getting (2) to work on Windows vista at some stage -- performance seemed to depend on the soundcard drivers.


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I know this is an ancient thread but I has the same problem when trying to record using OBS v22.02 on Win10. As suggested by Ross in his reply I swithched from ASIO to DirectSound and it worked, I can now record my screen and audio while I'm mulching. 

BTW, this is the vid I recorded. It is nothing special, but it's my first go.