Potential new user has a question about MIDI syncing

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Ive been using Audiomulch at my jam partners house, and I have to say, Im in love.
Exactly what Ive been looking for, Ive been a devout Ableton live user for a long long time, but Ive been growing weary of toggling loops. I need something more satisfying.

Anyway, heres my question.
Im interested in a solely Max/MSP and Audiomulch live performance set up.
Weve designed an environment and a system that allows us to accomplish this.
My question lies in the "Generate MIDI Sync" feature.
Can I have Audiomulch be the clock source for more then 1 device? At the moment we have it synced to MAx/MSP acting as a host, the timing is tighter this way.
Yet, we have alot of outboard gear that needs a clock source.
Can audiomulch do this? or is it a 1 clock situation? theoretically, we would only need 2 clocks out, one to Max, one to the interface thatll sync it all up.

The other way Ive attempted is to sync Mulch to Max, and have as many clocks as I need stemming from max, while thats an option, Id prefer mulch to be our front end.

Any ideas?

Ross B.
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AudioMulch itself can only send MIDI sync to one MIDI device at the moment. There might be a way to use MIDI Yoke to split the MIDI out to multiple devices, I'm not sure about that (or other tricks involving going out the hardware port to your hardware and back into your computer's MIDI in to Max/MSP

Another option is to send Network Sync to Max/MSP -- it's a OSC based encoding of MIDI sync (with a few other features).. if you can work with that I can let you know more details -- it really depends how you're processing the MIDI sync in Max.


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Ahh thank you Ross for the clarification.
Now that I know, I think Im going to handle this, by having AudioMulch as a slave to Max.
That way having Max as a master can spit out modulation parameters to Mulch.

Thank you so much.