AudioMulch Talk at Integrate Expo: 12:30, Tuesday 24th August, 2010. Sydney.

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Ross B.
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Hi Everyone

We're giving a talk about AudioMulch at Integrate Expo in Sydney next week. Please come along and check it out, ask questions, or say hi (it's free).

I'll be talking about how people use AudioMulch live, a bit of history and show some demos. I've also invited AM users Donna Hewitt and Peter Kennard along to talk about how they use AudioMulch:

* Performer, Vocalist, Sensor-nerd Donna Hewitt will be demoing her live vocal processing rig and sensor control system.
(check out some older video of Donna's work here

* Composer, Producer, Musical-director Peter Kennard will be talking about recent uses of AudioMulch for live theatre sound design and live-processing.

Entry to the expo is free, you can register online or just show up on the day.

Please let anyone know who you think might be interested.

The schedule for all the Audio Technology World sessions are here:

and Integrate Expo is here:

AudioMulch @ ATWorld / Integrate 2010
12:30, Tuesday 24th August, 2010. Sydney
Horden Pavilion
Royal Hall of Industries
Moore Park, Sydney.

Hope to see you there :-)


PS. For those who can't make it, we will be videoing the presentation and putting it on line.

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Is the video up yet? I want to watch

Ross B.
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Not yet... I'm still waiting to get the captures back from the camera person. I think it's going to be a few weeks before we finalise the editing. It went pretty well though, I got Donna to answer a bunch of questions about her e-mic setup too so there's quite a bit of info there.