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When using 32 ch multichannel file player,and all files I just marked them as solo on metasurface by using 3x 8 stereo mixer.

I want to do something, All files to use as a solo ( just solo ctrl on ) with metasurface and I introduced all the solos in meta, but when I click play, all solo can use work in meta but, All audio files are played at the same time
I just want to the heard the sound of a solo to the file my select meta X-Y ctrl.

What do you think I should ?

Ross B.
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I think you should post in the "help and ideas" forum :-)

It's not clear what you're asking for. Do you want the files to start playing at different times? out of sync? If so, you could try using separate file players, and then controlling their Active parameters with the metasurface.. that will allow you to start and stop them.