AudioMulch 2.2 Press Release


Ross Bencina releases AudioMulch 2.2 Music Performance Software

MELBOURNE, Australia - July 26, 2012
Today Ross Bencina released version 2.2 of AudioMulch, creative software for live performance, audio processing, sound design and music composition (

AudioMulch 2.2 delivers a solid line up of refinements targeted at live performance, including increased responsiveness and expanded MIDI control and routing capabilities. Additions include: lower audio latency, support for routing MIDI output to external devices, improved MIDI and network clock synchronization, and MIDI-controlled snapshot switching for AudioMulch’s unique Metasurface control interface. A range of other enhancements and bug fixes are included.

This release also marks the launch of a new community patch sharing area at where AudioMulch users can share sound processing patches and compositions: (

Performers processing live audio or playing virtual instrument plug-ins will benefit from the responsiveness of the overhauled low-latency sound processing engine. The engine now supports lower latency buffer settings with improved stability.

Musicians using AudioMulch in conjunction with MIDI synthesizers and outboard effects units can take advantage of extensions to AudioMulch’s modular MIDI routing system. MIDI data can now be routed to external MIDI devices from sequencer and control generator plug-ins.

AudioMulch 2.2’s new timing engine improves timing stability when chasing MIDI or network synchronization. A new “pattern mode” MIDI clock sync option provides compatibility with pattern-based hardware step sequencers.

Performers who control AudioMulch from a MIDI controller will welcome the ability to switch Metasurface parameter snapshots under MIDI control.

Mac users will appreciate AudioMulch 2.2’s improved plug-in compatibility stemming from the switch to a Cocoa-based user interface framework. AudioMulch 2.2 is ready for OS X Mountain Lion today.

Other enhancements include:

  • Unlimited contraption presets and improved preset workflow via a new streamlined header bar.
  • Support for composing with musical pitch names when using frequency parameters usually expressed in Hertz.
  • A versatile new stereo chorus contraption.
  • A new Welcome Screen gives quick access to recent documents and common tasks.
  • An updated help system with a clear, step-by-step tutorial format to bring users up to speed quickly.

Download a 60 day trial at
Learn more about the new features and improvements in AudioMulch 2.2 at

About AudioMulch

AudioMulch is software for live performance, audio processing, sound design and music composition. Its modular, patcher-style user interface promotes an improvisational approach to music making. The software offers a range of built-in sound processing and audio mangling tools along with parameter control capabilities that include time line automation, a powerful MIDI control mapping system and the Metasurface multi-parameter controller. AudioMulch can host VST and AudioUnit plugins, and provides a flexible routing system for multi-channel audio and MIDI.

With a dedicated following among a diverse range of live performers, composers, sound designers, and educators, AudioMulch finds uses ranging from electronica to experimental music, sound design, music education and industry research. AudioMulch began in 1998 as the personal project of electronic musician and software developer Ross Bencina, who originally created AudioMulch for his own performances. AudioMulch is still independently owned and is now developed by a small team in Melbourne, Australia.

Availability and pricing

Windows and Mac versions of AudioMulch 2.2 can be downloaded from the AudioMulch website, and trialled free for up to 60 days. A license can be purchased for USD 189, or as an USD 89 upgrade for version 1.0 users. All version 2 updates, including this one, are free to licensed AudioMulch version 2 users.

How to upgrade from 2.0 or 2.1:
Existing users can download and install version 2.2 over or alongside their current installation. Version 2.2 will detect and use existing authorization credentials.

Screenshots: (Macintosh screenshots) (Windows screenshots)

Product details:

For more information, contact:
Ross Bencina

Sonic Fritter Pty Ltd
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