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I have created a crossfader as a vst plugin to switch between several channel, which in general works fine.

My problem is now, to react to changes of the user:
If the slider is moved in AudioMulch, the setParameter function is called fine, but I want to be able to set a different value to the slider displayed in AudioMulch.
For example: Slider is moved to 0.19; After I get this information I want to set the value of the Slider to 0.25

Unfortunatly getParameter is not triggered after the value changes, so I have no idea how to get a value back to the slider.

What I also find odd, is that getParameterDisplay is triggered each time the slider is moved.


Has anyone an idea how to change the value that is displayed in AudioMulch as slider from my plugin?

Thanks in advance for your help

kind regards


Ross B.
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Hello Benjamin,

The way to make parameter changes within a VST plugin is to use setParameterAutomated. This is the standard mechanism used to propagate parameter changes from a plugin back to the host.

setParameterAutomated is usually used by plugins with their own GUIs so that the host knows that parameters have changed (e.g. for automation recording). I can't guarantee how well that will work if you are changing the parameter value in response to AM calling setParameter.