That tape/vinyl start sound using loopplayer presets

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Using an old version on Vista. When I use the preset to switch between sound files in a loopplayer, I get a very brief speed change, almost as if starting a tape or record, and almost always a little click too. These things did not happen as often using XP. I know there must be a setting I can adjust. Suggestions?

Also a tidbit. One time I ran Audiomulch on a laptop my mom was using for work, and while messing with a drum loop in automation the damn thing BACKSPUN! Give me a MOTHER FUCKIN BREAKBEAT! (Sorry, I couldn't help myself there.) I totally used it in the track I was working on. Anybody know how that happened?

If anyone wants to hear that backspin, go halfway down the page at this address, to 'IDM Anthem"

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Yeah you can get all sorts of wacky warbles and flutters happening. a fun way to really play with it is to map the "Phase" setting to a MIDI control knob or fader and go to town. not saying that's the best way to use it for actual projects or songs - but it will give you some inspiration on what it can be used for. there are myriad possibilities.