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Not sure why, but I have become fascinated with sweeping sounds, and I wonder how to make them in AM. I know one can do this, to a certain degree, in Nebulizer, but I wonder if there are some other methods. I am thinking sweeps that are a beat or two long, only. Thanks in advance for an ideas or tips.

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If you mean filter sweeps - The obvious candidate is SouthPole, in conjunction with one or more of it's Envelope or LFO mod sources - You can trigger the envelopes by its pattern editor, or using signals to the main or side chain inputs for example.

Ross B.
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Other options for sweeping sounds: Filter something (noise?) with:

Flanger, Phaser, RissetFilters, FrequencyShifter with 50% wet/dry, maybe some feedback.

Automating filter sweeps with SParaEQ is another option.

Probably something you could do with SSpat and some dopplershift if that's your thing.

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audio source -> reverb -> effect being 'swept' -> delay (and/or more reverb)

Mmmm tasty.