South Pole & Risset filters: stereo and mix/bypass

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I am trying to use as less as possible Vsts and get the most out of internal contraptions so I am testing the beautiful South Pole and the Risset Filters.

I am usually applying filters after reverb and, being it a stereo reverb I have to decide whether using one per channel or forget to use them in such a placement in the audio flow.
Is there any advice on this ?

I also miss the mix or bypass possibility.

Is there any plan to add them ?


Ross B.
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Hi Luca

> Is there any plan to add them ?

No plans at this stage but most are reasonable suggestions. I don't think there would ever be a "mix" control on the SouthPole but the other requests make sense.

I think there will need to be some wide scale contraption improvements like this, probably for version 2.3 but since I am getting ready to start beta testing 2.2 in a couple of weeks it will have to wait until after then.