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is it possible to connect Sound In directly to sound interface? So u could assign lets say input 1 left,input 2 right from interface to Sound In? So as to play guitars, mics,synths directly into Mulch in realtime?
In all the years ive never attempted this, instead always using recorded files for processing in Mulch.
How do you do it?
Use a 2nd program like Cubase,Reaper?
A lack of ReWire kind of retards this though.
Any ideas?
Is this a possible FR?

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i just had a complete brain melt moment aided by a big bad blunt and I know the answer to this question cos god damn i done it already!

Embarrassing to say the least.
typing without thinking is worse than thinking out aloud! :)

Oh Faux Pas!!!!

Ross B.
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For future reference: Yes. it is possible. That is one of the main uses of SoundIn. You have to make sure the correct sound card device is selected in the settings and that the "Use Input File" checkbox is unchecked in the SoundIn's parameter editor.