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I have not downloaded AudoMulch 2.0. I used the .9 in the past and thought about giving it a try again.

Does it have a shuffle option? Specifically for drums but even better there's a shuffle feature for all the instrunents.

Al Magnifico
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No. But there is a possibility to emulate shuffle it:
1. Program your drums contraption as your wish
2. Duplicate it and delete every set odd step in the first and even step in the second one
After the output of the drums contraption with the odd steps insert a Sdelay contraption with 100% wet and feedback 0. At 120BPM a semi-quaver is 125ms, so add a delay of 20ms for a decent 1/16 shuffle.
3. You can make the shufle more complex by doing different delayed drums (whoa, what an alliteration) for the four steps in a quarter.

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ooh, i like that math.
just a question, do you know of a page/site that hosts all these bits of musical math for modern multilayered musicians(:)!) it would be most useful.

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Yeah I'd like to see some cool math too. But hey you can always check out some BT interviews for a couple of noggin scratchers.

Here's another way to shuffle:

Load individual drum sounds into loopplayers and mess around with changing the phase. You can use decimals as well as whole numbers.