a sampler to sample in real time and then play samples

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I would like to be able to sample some short sounds, assign them to a previously programmed midi controller ( with pads) and play them.
The length of any of these samples may be different
Is there any possibility here ?

Ross B.
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Hi Luca
Do you mean you want to sample them during the performance and then play them back? I'm not 100% sure but maybe you could do this with a FileRecorder?

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I think I mentioned this elsewhere, but fxpansion geist will do this and plays very nicely with a modular host like audiomulch.

Still, I'd love to see a seeing a leaner, native-contraption take on this. More generally speaking, the contraption library could probably use something which does both live sampling and sample playback. At the moment, there are great tools for live sampling (e.g. the delay, loopers), but the loss of state upon closing the patch limits their application to composition somewhat (of course, there are workarounds via automation...).

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sorry for such a long silence... just back from holidays.

Here is what does what I like:

8 available samples
you can play them simultaneously
they is no length relation between them

just what you need to sample on the fly and play the sample with pads.
I have the controllers duplicated on my footcontroller and on my midi keyboard.
With the first I can sample while I play, with the second I can play the samples.