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garret linn
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Joined: July 24, 2009

I am looking at using AM in a gallery type installation
a multitracks / multi spaces sort of thing...

but I would like to develop a AM patch and then run it on two computers in the space..

Does AM have a "Save as Runtime Only" facility? - like Max/Jitter
or like Isadora can I run a patch on multiple machines just not saving
(but in the case of Isadora I have to be able to automatically start a patch : can AM auto start a patch with out a splash screen? -- in my case I cant see that because I am still on an evaluation license...

or do you have some other way to license AM for to ..say... local network floating licenses?

thanks in advance

Ross B.
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Hello Garret

In the Settings (Preferences on Mac) there are Startup Actions settings you can use to get AudioMulch to load a document and play it when it launches. If you purchase a licence, the nag screen will go away and it should do what you want to do as far as behaving correctly for an installation (if not let me know what's wrong and I'll fix it).

There isn't a runtime-only option like Max. The way you describe Isadora, that's not something which is permitted by the AM licence.

See the FAQs for some answers to licence related questions:

Aside from the evaluation period (which is for evaluation only), you need to own a licence for every computer AM is simultaneously running on. So in the case you mentioned you'd need 2 licences for the gallery, and possibly another one for your studio if you continue to run AM while your installation is running.


garret linn
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Joined: July 24, 2009

Thanks for the clarification

I will purchase the software shortly
as long as the license is transferable from computer to computer
- I will (for the current application) only need one.