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I recently started using AudioMulch to create mashups, however, i have incountered several issues that interfere with my mix.

I use the loopPlayer to mix sample together from actual song (like girl talk) but i have a hard time getting an acapella track in sync. i cut the track it in audacity so its starts right when the lyrics begin (and end when the verse is over), but it always seem to be 'off-beat' i usually keep the tempo at 300-330 so i can work with higher bar numbers, is this the 'correct' method (best way to make a mashup)?
I also find it odd that sometimes I have to fit the sample within an odd number like 5 or 7 bars, and it makes it difficult to layer the rest of the samples!?

any ideas, thoughts or help would be highly apreciated.


Ross B.
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Sorry about the late reply. You'll need to cut your vocal so that it starts and ends on bar boundaries, not when the actual vocal starts and ends. I'm not sure how to recommend you do that. Perhaps if there is some headphone bleed from the backing track you'll be able to hear (and see, if you zoom in) the drum beat and work out where to make the cuts. Otherwise you could try syncing it to a click-track in audacity and using that to work out where to make the cuts.