Rewire, why not?

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Achille Benzo
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Hello everybody,
tnx Ross for OS X release, i was wating since 2001.
Usually I'm on Ableton to rec audio tracks on the fly from my midi vst (tassman and reaktor)
and play audio loop with instruments.
it could maybe possible with your livelooper but it seems more difficult
for live-set.
I would like to open just AM.
Why not hosted in Rewire?
Simply perfect.
The sound of Audio Mulch is unique.
Cheers from Naples.

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I really need Rewire!

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I've mentioned this before as well. I looked for the email Ross sent me, but can not find it at the moment. I for one would like to have Rewire implemented within AM. It's one of those things thats pretty standard now. Lots of Programs use it and the workflow has been streamlined. Personally, it doesn't bother me so much to stop the production render things out of cubase then dump it into AM then process the audio, render then go back to Cubase. But AM doesn't get used in the studio as much as the other things because of that. I tend to do all the AM processing at home. But to have Cubase Running with AM rewired we could use it as a Massively Bad ass effects rack. The ability to manipulate sounds in Cubase is lackluster at best, unless you have a dedicated control surface. In my Opinion AM far surpasses most other Apps out there with the way you can process audio. To be able to Use AM in realtime within Cubase would be very nice and welcoming.

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As far as I'm aware, it is 'in the pipeline' so to speak.

Check this out.

In the meantime, to set up a "rewire-esque" set-up, I believe there are examples of MIDI and audio reconnectors which act as virtual patch cables between AudioMulch and a DAW (or anything else). I'm trying to find something I printed off a few years back (but with no luck), if i get time I'll copy it out.


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as a partial work around you can route midi between applications using the IAC bus. go to audio midi set up and activate the IAC driver in the midi settings. then that will show up in your other apps as a midi destination/source so you can at least route midi between apps on the MAC.

other than that you need to check out wiretap, soundflower etc for routing audio. it will take some time to figure out but it's possible... it's not rewire but it's something.