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I took this freakin country song tapped out the bpms and open a new progect in Reaper.

I then imported this audio file made sure that the bpms were on and the cut it up to 13 seperate 16 bars loops and rendered ech one as a new take.

I then hooked up 13 Loop Players in AM

I automated these loops so that when one finishes the other one starts. so i have the whole song layed out

i then hooked up some 16 bar Drum contraptions and programmed various drum patterns in each one
ex. intro ,verse, chorus, etc,etc

Then i automated all these drum loops to fit nicely w the parts of the song............

Heres whats goiing on from this point .....some transitions are very glitchy and has anyone done anything like this before that would share their advice..

I started wanting to make tracks like, of course, freakin Girl Talk but started out w tryin to remix a whole song and really tryin to learn AM....any help?