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Sorry if this has been previously addressed, but... I accidentally overwrote a folder containing Audiomulch and Max Patch files, and I've managed to restore files from my USB drive, except it's restored a bunch of .xml and .db3 files instead of a .amh.. I checked in one of the .xml's and I could tell it was to do with my AM project. Is there any way to turn these files back into a .amh, as I have an assignment due tomorrow that I really do not want to start over... Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

edit: So it turns out you can open .xml and save as... .amh, yet when i do this, audio mulch says there's an error opening the file. If anyone is experienced with XML and would be so kind as to take a look at my .xml file and advise would be awesome.

Ross B.
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Hello Michael,

I'm sorry to hear about your deletion. If you are still interested in trying to recover your files you could send a .xml file to me at and I can take a look. However if AudioMulch is saying that there is an error, then I don't hold out much hope of recovery.