Problems with Soundout and Creative Audigy 2 ZS

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and sorry for my bad englisch. I have a problem with audiomulch.

I wanted to use the VST-Plugins with my CarPC instead of KX-Drivers

or an external DSP.


So i installed on a winXP 32Bit system : Virtual Audio Cable, Audiomulch and the Creative Labs audiodriver. 

I set in audiomulch as Input VAC and as output:

Aux1_out = Soundcart_outputs 1 and 2

Aux2_out = Soundcart_outputs 3 and 4

Aux3_out = Soundcart_outputs 5 and 6 and so on...


Now, wenn i route the inputsignal to aux1_out, sound comes out on all soundcardoutputs.

When Modus CMSS in the Creative Mixer is disabled, the problem is solved, but when i route

the inputsignal to aux2_out, nothing comes out in the rearchannels of my soundcard (Soundcart_outputs 3 and 4).


Does anybody know how to solve my problem? I'm already desperate. :(


Thanks and regards,


Ross B.
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Hi Tim,

I think your experience will be different with the KX ASIO drivers (or else maybe try ASIO4ALL).

For standard Windows multichannel drivers (Windows Multmedia or DirectSound) you may need to check your Windows surround sound settings. If these are not set to the correct speaker configuration it can happen that sound comes out all channels instead of the ones you expect. Make sure you select the correct multi-channel speaker configuration.

Hope that helps,