Parameter controls vs MIDI controls w/ VST

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I have been building a few patches using an MPK49 and various VST synths and I'm running into an issue I can't seem to resolve. I want to assign a few faders on the controller to mixer faders in AM and am having no problems. However, some of the VSTs already have pre-assigned parameters to these faders which are not assigned in the parameter settings in AM. What's the deal with these and how can I change this behavior? At this point when I try to change the volume on a mixer channel I am also changing some parameters in the VST synth and this is no bueno. Thanks.

Ross B.
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If the plugin has some kind of built-in mappings then the first thing to try would be to work out if you can change the plugin's settings within the plugin itself.

If that turns out not to be possible then you could get your controller to send different controller changes that don't conflict with the plugin.

Another option would be to work out a way to filter the controller messages so that they don't get sent to the plugin. There might be some plugins that can do such filtering. AM can't do the filtering out of the box though.

Does that help?