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Hello, (Mac-using) AudioMulchers. I hope this isn't too off-topic, but I can't get AudioMulch to produce any audible output on my MacBook Pro. If I connect a FilePlayer to a SoundOut and press Play, for example, I see the arrow moving along the timeline, but I hear nothing. I've previously used AudioMulch on Windows, with no problems. So far, I have not had this problem with any other applications on my Mac (e.g. QuickTime, iTunes, Flash Player), although I would guess that this is a problem with the settings on my laptop, and not with AudioMulch itself. Changing the settings in System Preferences -> Audio however, has no effect. I've installed AudioMulch on a second MacBook Pro whose configuration was copied from this one, and it has the same problem. Any ideas?

Ross B.
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Hello Josh. (sorry for possibly stupid questions)
- Did you press the play button on the FilePlayer or on the main toolbar? (make sure you press the FilePlayer one).
- Are the level meters in AudioMulch indicating anything?
- A simpler test might be to connect a TestGen to sound out, and turn up the volume on the test gen. see if that works.