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Joined: August 16, 2009

I have a file that will not play its automation timeline. I have 'nan' in the tempo box and when I hit play the playback wiper disappears. Also there is a meaningless number 36870911 in the bars/beats box. AM was midi synced to my DAW to chase it but I've disconnected all midi sync and turned it off since the problem appeared but no difference.

I've tried restarting and no difference. My default file is fine however.

Can someone help?

Ross B.
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Joined: April 11, 2009

Hi Andy

Email me the file and I'll probably be able to fix it. rossb@audiomulch.com

Was the file created with AudioMulch 2 or an earlier version?

By the way -- this kind of bug report post is better posted to the Bugs and issues forum.



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Thanks Ross

I'll post in the Bugs forum next time.

Created in AudioMulch2.

It's fixed- I simply highlighted 'nan', hit delete, typed any number back in the box and all is good.

So an easy solution.