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I have a Korg Monotribe (analog) synth which can sync itself to an audio click input; this is designed to work with other Monotribes or even an iPhone/iPod running a sync app that Korg provides. I am trying to figure out how I might get a click sound out of AM to sync the Monotribe. Right now, I have my machine's audio going through a simple, one-channel USB audio interface. I thought I might be able to get AM to send a click track out through the computer's line-out port - the built-in audio mini-jack - but no luck, AM just doesn't "see" that output.

Will I need to get a multi-channel audio interface? Or am I missing something about the Mac's audio routing, etc.?

For now, I have been using the iPod app to drive the Monotribe, setting its BPM and AM's to the same setting and then, praying. This way, the two do stay sync'd for awhile, but eventually they drift apart.


Ross B.
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MIDI clock sync is the usual way to do synchronisation. You Monotribe should be able to sync to MIDI clock input (the ER-1 I have here certainly does). If you have a MIDI interface you should try that. You can use AudioMulch to send MIDI clock to the Monotribe.

MIDI sync is much improved in AM 2.2, so you might want to email me about getting hold of the beta version. There's even a new sync mode in AM 2.2 for better compatibility with Monotribes.

As for the audio issue: I'm not sure how many devices you have but on Mac, with AM you can only select one audio device at a time. You do that on the Audio Driver page of the Settings dialog box. If you want to send to multiple audio devices, Apple have something called an "Aggregate Device" that you can build in the Audio settings. You can then set AM to use the aggregate device. That *might* help (not sure).

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Thanks, Ross, but ... Actually, this Monotribe thing has no MIDI, or at least none that is exposed to the outside; I gather some people have opened it (something Korg doesn't discourage entirely) and found minimal MIDI circuitry inside, just waiting for hackers to do their thing. But the machine is a fairly simple and crude analog synth/sequencer - only a ribbon keyboard, for instance - and its sync'ing is done via audio "clicks." In fact, to update the unit's firmware - there is some digital circuitry inside, to handle sequencing and things - Korg has you download an .WAV audio file and play it into the Monotribe, much like some low-end PCs (Sinclair?) from the '80s. Simple but effective.

I just noticed that Korg's iPhone/iPod app can supposedly get MIDI from a Mac-based DAW, via WiFi. So perhaps I can figure something out around that. (This app can also send sync wirelessly to Korg's Electribe app on the iPad. A new ecosystem emerges!)

I looked into Mac's "Aggregate Device" but don't think that'll work.

Thanks again.

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Hi there Winslow, 

I don't have a Monotribe, but you might want to check this out:

It's a preassembled midi IO. 


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Marvelous! I didn't know about this, Lume. Thanks much for the pointer.