Molar VST in Mulch.

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Tree Farm
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I would highly indebted to anyone who could offer help setting up Molar internally in Mulch.

I'm having an incredibly hard time setting up my monome for anything in Mulch besides parameter controls (which the arc would be better suited for anyhow).

I'd ultimately like to use Molar. The host recognizes Molar as a VST plugin, but I can't patch it through to hear any sound. I'm not sure if MonomeSerial should be set to Open Sound Control or MIDI? When set to OSC, does Mulch recognize the messages?

Tree Farm
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Joined: December 22, 2009

Figured it out. You need to channel MonomeSerial into Mulch set on OSC. Also, another problem I had involved Mac OSX. Make sure this particular VST is in the root folder rather than the user library. You may have to change where your other other Mulch VST files are stored, or the library file where Mulch finds em.


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Tree Farm, would you mind going into a bit more detail on this? I'm in the middle of recording an album and the solution I thought I had for doing mlr-type work in AM isn't working. I moved the Molar VST and now AM doesn't crash anymore--thanks for that. However, I still can't get my monome (bliptronome via Arduionome Serial) to communicate with AM. How did you set that up? Thanks!


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