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I'm aware that Mulch can't send MIDI data out, however is there a technical difference between MIDI Out and MIDI Parameter feedback?

For instance - the Behringer BCF/R2000 controller receives parameter feedback providing the software supports this feature. But from what I've read on the web - even if Mulch could do this it would be device specific - templats within Mulch for various parameter feedback compliant devices.

I'm assuming not - and if it could would be included in the 'motorised fader feedback' part of the Roadmap. Seems a bit of a grey area.



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MIDI feedback would be really good for devices like a Monome or Block that have their 'local control' (over LEDs) switched off.

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I agree that a midi out would be a very nice thing.
When you are using midi controllers on contraptions and you don't want the faders to "jump" abruptly to their actual position but "catch" the value to start from, you need to have this information to be sent out via midi.

I think it would be a very important, small thing...


Ross B.
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Hi Matt
I havn't finalised this but MidiOut and MIDI parameter feedback would almost certainly be separate features in AM. MidiOut would be to route MIDI out of AM into hardware synths. Parameter feedback would be to support motorised faders.

My impression is that hardware devices that support MIDI feedback generally accept values back the same as they send (so a fader transmitting CC10 on channel 3 would received CC10 on channel 3 to update its value) -- that's the kind of parameter feedback I would implement. Devices which provided completely independent programmable feedback (like the monome) wouldn't be supported by "MIDI parameter feedback".
-- Ross.

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Has anything happened in this area since this message was posted?

Ross B.
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MIDI out is more-or-less ready for testing. Drop me a line at rossb@audiomulch.com if you would like to try a test version. Let me know which platform you are on.

There hasn't been any progress on parameter feedback.

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Hello Ross, hello everyone

I'm using an android tablet with osc controllers fro controlling audiomulch (drums, drones, effects, crossfaders, loops, metasurface; anything). I have at least 200 controllers spread on 7 different tabs, buttons, sliders, knobs etc etc and when I play live shows, before during the soundcheck, it takes me a lot of time to set up all the controllers on the tablet to be on the good position like on the audiomulch screen. I wondered if you had any news about parameter feedback that would be really useful in the case of the tablet? In that case every paramater I touch on audiomulch (like changing presets of ten harmonics contraption with totally different values  ) would have the same response on the tablet, that would be perfect!


thanks for the reply