midi control on the matrix contraption

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I'd love to know if the midi implementation on the matrix contraption is planned in the future of AM ?

'cause I use this matrix as a kind of preset zone and the only way to change it is the mouse pointer (as far as I know ...)

Thanks for letting me know.


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just a precision :

When i try to implement a button in the preset zone of the matrix contraption (this kind of button i'm using for exemple the solo or the mute mode of a mixer) it looks as if it was implemented (the dialog box disapears) but it doesn't work.

Any suggestions ?

Ross B.
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Take a look at the View > Parameter Control dialog.

There you can set additional properties of the MIDI mapping for each parameter. In the Mapping tab you can set thresholds and how the parameters toggle. You'll probably need to work out how to map whatever your buttons are sending to the matrix parameters.

Although if you're already successfully using your buttons to control Mixer mutes/solos these should work the same way for the Matrix contraption.


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yes thanks a lot
I switched on the toggle box and then it works fine !

chapelier fou
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You know what, it is really a good idea, very inspiring. But such a pain to make all these assignments.

So :

Please, we need the ability to create contraption presets, or call it as you want, remembering midi assignments. And Midi out of course !

And : a button on the matrix contraption for "only one gate open at the same time"

Thank you for paying attention.