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Hi there, 


I'm having a bit of trouble mapping the presets to midi. I would like to switch betweeen presets using an Akai APC20. It recognises the midi and I can set a midi controller button to the midi control source but all that does is play Preset 1. I can switch between them if I map it to a fader but it's not accurate enough. Does anyone know a way of doing this? 

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This seems like a very obvious thing to be able to switch between presets using a midi controller rather than clicking a mouse. Can anyone help me figure this out?? 

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I don't think you can map preset changes to buttons - I logged a FR about this recently... add your support if you think it's important:

( which I'd also add, ability to change all presets to the same number and ability to change preset via the meta-surface)

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@rollerasda you need to get each of your APC20 buttons to transmit a different controller or program change value.

I'm not an expert on the APC20, you probably need to look at the manual for it and work out how to get each button to send a different controller *value*. If you post what MIDI it is sending now that would be a good start. Get a MIDI monitor (like MIDI Yoke on Windows) so you can work out what MIDI it's sending.