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Hello i just downloaded the free version of Audiomulch and i'm trying to understand the livelooper / canonlooper but to no avail. What i want to do is that i want to make a single loop that's exactly 4 bars long and that will snap the "record"-action to the closest bar - how do i do it and what do i use?



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Make sure you have the 'Sync To' set to 4.0 and the next drop down set to 'Clock Bars',

For the first loop press Start and Stop close together, the Sync settings will force the loop to start on the next 1st beat of a bar and to last for 4 bars.

Any subsequent loops will start at the start of the 1st loop and last for a multiple of it. So if you press 'Stop' quickly after pressing 'Start' a loop will last 4 bars. If you miss the end of the 4th bar then press 'Stop' the loop will last 8 bars.