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Dark Father
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How are you folks getting live sound into AM?  I want to record vocals/sounds into the livelooper, etc, for mulching.  I am using a MacBook Pro.

I have been watching as many videos as I can find, but no one really ever takes the time to spell out how they have their hardware/mics/etc set up.  ANy help would be very appreciated!

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Ross B.
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In my live sets I usually use a Tascam US-122 mk1 (USB) or Motu Ultralight (Firewire). Both of these have built-in mic pre-amps. For microphones I don't have anything fancy, sometimes just an SM-57 (usually for percussion, not voice), or I'll use something from the house kit.

I imagine everyone has their favourite audio interface though. I love my US-122 because it is built like a brick and has a nice big volume knob, but it is hardly high-end, and the drivers for Windows 7 are flaky. I generally recommend MOTU and RME gear. They're the brands I have experience with.

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I do realtime guitar processing using a pc laptop.

There are two different setups, all with Audiomulch as a core.

I choose which one to use depending from the situation I am playing in.

One is made for just software processing, for which I use a RME Babyface, the other is a hardware processing system and for that I am using an RME fireface Uc.

In this case the Uc is used as a splitter/mixer with all sort of audio analog and digital connection to route the signal to and from Boss Vf1, Tc Electronic Fireworx and Eventide H8000fw hardware processors.

Audiomulch is doing all the routing sending the input signal to those processors and taking it back into it for control, processing, splitting, soup and glue.

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Sorry for being off-topic, but I'm just wondering, Ross, if you've used Expert Sleepers with AudioMulch and your Motu to control any analog equipment. I don't have a full modular set-up, just a few CV/gate analogs, but suspect the combination could be quite fruitful. (Alas, I'm not in a position to acquire a Motu interface at the moment.)


Ross B.
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@drlids: no analog/CV gear here to speak of. no experience with Silent Way either, but maybe some others use it with AM.

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I use Silent Way to control my eurorack and  i use it even  in Audiomulch, one of the best thing is use the Metasurface  to morphing the SW LFO, you can obtain some nice thing. If you cant afford a Motu you try to build a simple adaper cable and use this with you AC audio interface , in this post you can find some useful info