How to record in this situation?

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Struggling with this-

I have AM slaved to my DAW via 'chase midi sync' on the IAC bus (Mac)
I have Kontakt in AM firing from a 'midi in' contraption. The midi is coming from my DAW via the IAC bus too.
Kontakt is wired to a 'Canon Looper' which I'm firing manually. All good.

But... I want to record the audio coming out of Kontakt and AFAIKT the sound out contraption will work to do this, but only in 'manual' mode which is not ideal as I want to start the recording on the beat, so I can then subsequently import the file into my DAW.

And then the 'export to sound file' option won't do it either as this seems to negate the idea of firing the 'canon looper' manually.

Am I missing a trick?


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Option 1: Jack (or Soundflower)?

Run Kompakt in your DAW and route its audio to AM (via a bus or aux or whatever). Route AM audio output back into DAW and record separately.

Note for setting up ports in JAck: Jack will *not* see AM's audio inputs/outputs while audio is disabled in AM2, although JackRouter does seem to resume dropped connections when audio is enabled again after disabling. When audio IS enabled, Jack will see all the audio I/O ports in the current AM document...

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You should be able to trigger SoundOut (or a FileRecorder) to start recording on the downbeat using its RecordActive parameter. Either by setting up automation or MIDI control.

Go to Vew > Parameter Control and navigate to SoundOut.RecordActive and either set up a MIDI mapping or an automation channel. You can switch recording on and off this way.

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Yes that was the way- thanks.