How do I isolate parts of songs?

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What contraption would I use? Or would I use another program for that? For example, if I wanted to isolate only the vocals from one song and splice them over another song (like Girl Talk does).

I'm clueless here. Thanks

Ross B.
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I think most of GT's stuff is done using separate "Acapella" versions of the tracks -- sound files that only contain the vocals. They're around if you go looking.

There's no built in way to strip out vocals with AudioMulch, in fact I'm not sure there is much software out there that can do it -- technically it's a very difficult problem. I notice Prosoniq released something called Isolate recently, not sure how good it is though:

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You can use almost any wave editor to do this, but audacity is free. The results usually aren't very good, but they can be interesting. Another technique that can sometimes work is using noise reduction in a audio editor, but again the results are less than perfect. Have fun!

Azul Baroniss
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Contact the original creator of the song and ask for the remix samples. Might cost you though.