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Greetings :)

ive been using Mulch for about 5/6 years and of late have come to rely on it for my most "out there" and "experimental" works. (experimental is such an awkward way to describe a sound,everything is experimental to a degree isnt it? whatever...)

Im also a big fan of REAPER and these 2 programs are what i create with almost exclusively.
The sound im on is kind of dub,grindcore,cinematic,wonky tech, yet infused with alot of noise and acoustic recordings, soundscapes, musiqueconcrete,found sound, ambience..and on it goes.
Its organick and majickal yet stiffened by oppressive machines and it stumbles, breaking down in defiance,,,,,(god this is bullshit:)!] :)

What im getting around to is im interested in the way YOU use AudioMulch and the sounds you get...or more interestingly, the sound you strive to obtain, the sounds you dont get!. The elusive structures which are so difficult to reign and recreate.

Often i find myself repeating methods and process. This is a great way to project your "sound" yet it can also stagnate and rot. I thought that by sharing ideas and approaches to Mulch we could possibly open new horizons to the way we work with it.(?) Im curious to hear and share musings on Mulch and how you go about engineering your work. What kind of sound do you play? What are you after? What motivates and inspires and what was that last awesome track/performance you heard/performed and couldnt rid from your mind,and for the life of you cannot replicate. Those majick moments when you didnt press record! :) Where do you see Mulch going, and music and machines/software in general?

Hopefully someone will bite and we can have a good ole chin-wag. I look forward to meeting you and sharing ideas, wisdom, audio esoterica(?) and any old paranoid conspiracy [i got plenty of these] you care to share.

See you around

PS. Ross, congratulations on AudioMulch and version2, i hope to see many more to come. its a truly great program, and i hope that we as a community can work with you to make it greater. Cheers!

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"dub,grindcore,cinematic,wonky tech"

This sounds fantastic - do you have any links?

I've always done too many types of music really - I can't help myself from being a jack of all trades, but with less time (and a 1 yr old on my hands) i'm increasingly narrowing down the scope of what I do. I've always had a foot in the 'wonky' techno scene, with a few releases over the last decade and am working on a new live set for an upcoming gig using mulch and a nord micro but the majority of the music I do now is rooted in what I suppose is a more ambient mind-set.

I spent a couple of years making beatless music for my own pleasure and a library music project that has just come out and now I'm working on stuff with a similar vibe but with heavy, doomy beats behind it. I'd like this to become the main focus of what I do as it combines the freeform side of sound sculpting with the beats, that I just can't get out of my system.

I find I really use Mulch for 2 things - one for live set work, as it's such a great interface for non-linear music making and secondly for jamming sounds into and seeing what happens. When the vibe is right and I play guitar or sing into the right set up of contraptions then magical things start to happen that I don't think I could ever achieve through any other combination of software or hardware.

Like you, I'm also using Reaper (I was a Logic 5.5 user until I got a new computer and it just doesn't work as well) which I find in turn both brilliant and frustrating to use.

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hey man, nice to "meet you".
sorry, i cant help you with any links..ive got a heap of music lying around in various states and believe it or not cyberspace tech has never been a big thing with me...varying life journeys and travell have steered me from this realm and its only been of late that ive been stable enough in one place to actually have a broadband setup. Its been a real eye opener. I been playing gigs off and on over the years,but have always immersed myself whether it be a laptop and headphones or my modest,yet rather powerful home studio. I love outboard gear. Drum machines,samplers and old synths!!!For a while my favourite tool/instrument was a dictatphone mini tape recorder...grabbing random space and ambience and still digging thru them today and tracking them into Reaper.
Speaking of which, i find the set up with reaper really frustrating at times.Especially concerning tracking Mulch directly into it. ReaRoute has this nasty effect on my interface where it messes with the ASIO creating evil noise and slowing down the tracks almost as if a bug.
Rewire as far as i know doesnt exist with AudioMulch...tell me im wrong please. If Mulch had Rewire capabilities i would be stoked.
And as much as im into Reaper its got a long way to go. I think theyre really letting down midi users, cos the majority seem to be just tracking guitars and stuff. (?) a
Man, if you know of any workarounds concerning syncing AudioMulch and Reaper i would love to know.
Ive been working on other things for ages and was just the last couple of days that i discovered these shortcomings regarding this.
Hopefully im just overlooking something.
(Wonky Tech:i used to cane heaps of subhead,2CB,Sativae,Mosquito,Scandinavia,Vogel,Schmidt and all the usual suspects...was some wikked sounds back then!!!)

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I don't really have any cause to sync Reaper and Audiomulch so I haven't explored it more than having a go with ReaRoute - but it wasn't like what I expected and so I quickly stopped, so sorry but I can't really help you there.

You're dropping all the right wonky names there :) I did a couple of releases on Tobias Schmidt's label and used to post a lot on Vogel's 'no-future' forum, did you ever post there?

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i was registered as boomslang at erutufon but was never a regular poster. Awesome about Schmidts label. What were those releases, id like to try n hear them somewhere. I met Tobias at a live gig he played down here years n years ago. Straight up nice guy and not a kraut like i thought hed be!:) Mad set, he totally destroyed that room, no one had ever heard that shit live down here, it was off the hook!!, and took the room awhile to get into things...
ReaRoutes a bitch, theres no sync between programs,
I got a restriction on my broadband for another few weeks so downloading content rich media takes forever. I found your page but cant listen to it proper. But will check it out.
Cheers man, all the best.