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Audiomulch is the perfect atmosphere to create mind boggling samples and on that note I have come across some pretty unique ones. I have put together a collection of machine audio samples ranging from, press brakes to shears and notchers, motor starts, welding, drilling, grinding, single hits and much more! All with the best sound quality in mind (24 bit). Unleash the potential of insane percussion and wild sound fx with this sample library in audiomulch then seamlessly integrate it into your projects. This package was going to be free, but i decided to included much more detailed work. You won't find samples like these anywhere guaranteed and priced at 5 bucks you can't go wrong. Visit for pics videos and purchasing info. Please leave comments or questions

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Sounds very cool and promising. Could you possibly provide a .WAV or two not within the context of a song? I just want to hear what one sounds like alone, thanks.