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hey there.

i don't think the description of audiomulch on the front webpage does it justice.
it says that we can use audiomulch to:

Compose electroacoustic music
Create ambient soundtracks
Do sound mangling, including granular synthesis
Create drones and textures

to someone new, it makes it sound like audiomulch is only something good for creating floaty ambient beds of sound, or very specific experimental electronic sound.

while it is of course fantastic at doing this, it can be used for so much more. creating beats, dance music, pop songs, drum n bass, breaks, techno, whatever you can think of really.

think of it, people like girl talk, four tet and jet jaguar are using this software to create amazing music that is well beyond the normal ambient soundtrack or electroacoustic session.


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hm. I don't know.
what would you put as description?

Also what it says now, is pretty much what I do with AM, IF I do ;)
And what it says now, Ross put there....

Ross B.
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The website is in a permanent state of flux, so please feel free to suggest some other bullet points. What's there now is really only a second draft.

One thing we're trying to avoid is saying "AudioMulch is great for whatever you can think of" -- that's really not very helpful and doesn't communicate what AudioMulch is good for -- or (perhaps more important) what I'm committed to make it good for.

For example, we could say "use AudioMulch to run your car audio system" -- people seem to be doing that at the moment -- but it's not something I'm specifically working to support.

For me, its important to be honest about what AM is trying to be -- I'm not sure the front page really captures it yet -- but I don't want it to give people the impression that it intends to be what (to pick one example) Fruity Loops is -- that's not a helpful comparison for someone new.

By the way if anyone wants to compare AudioMulch to other software the AM wikipedia article is missing this kind of stuff ;-)