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I cant choose buffer sizes below 256 samples in AM2 running on my Macbook (OSX Leopard). It's the same on both the builtin sound card and my apogee one card.

In other programs such as Ableton Live I can use latencies as low as 64.

Is there any way to get lower latencies in AM2?


Ross B.
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Hello Anton

Yes this is a limitation in the current version of AudioMulch (same with version 1). I understand it is a problem. It is on the list of things I intend to fix in the future. Not much more I can say at this stage :-)



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I just downloaded the demo but I'm guessing this is still an issue? It's got to get down to at least 128 samples to do drums live or played plucked string instruments. Otherwise it sounds like a slapback delay effect without any effects applied to your signal chain. In Mainstage I use 64 samples and it feels/sounds like your using hardware effects.

Ross B.
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Yes, nothing has changed with AudioMulch 2.1.

I recognise that 48-64 samples are now the standard low-latency buffer sizes, so I'm working on fixing this.

Not so long ago this kind of latency was unthinkable. People have been performing with AudioMulch for 10 years with the current limit. In 5ms sound travels about 1.7 meters, and in most performances, you and the audience are a lot more than 2 meters from the PA.

Anyway, expect some movement on this in the near future.


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Any update on this?

Ross B.
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This is going to be on the new roadmap but I can't commit to a release date at this stage. I'm in research and development mode on a number of things at the moment. There are a few intermediate steps I'll need to make before this one is resolved. -- Ross

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Hot tip: bump up your sample rate. I just moved up to 96kHz and the latency is unbelievably low, even with 256 samples. And it really does sound better too :)

Would love to have smaller buffer sizes still, but this has been a pleasant workaround to discover.