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I'm fairly new to this (just discovered the program yesterday and downloaded and tweaked the lite version this morning!)

But am wondering if I need to sync my samples (sound files) in the precise bpm of the current project I'm working on. Does AM do this automatically? I mean, adjust the BPM of the soundfile according to the current metronome?

Any ideas?


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If you've made a sample that is 1 bar long, and play it in AudioMulch using the LoopPlayer contraption, the sample will be sync'd to the AudioMulch BPM (so one bar of AudioMulch time = one play of your sample). This is done automatically by AudioMulch

[b][i]However[/i][/b], AudioMulch does not 'pitch correct' loops that are played in LoopPlayer - if you have, for example, a 1-bar guitar sample that was recorded at 70bpm, and your audiomulch document BPM is 80bpm, your guitar sample will have a higher pitch when played in LoopPlayer.

So in short, yes, you need to recorded/render your samples to the BPM that you'll be playing them in AudioMulch (unless you're not bothered about pitch stretching artefacts).

Hope that is of some help to you.


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...and when it has the option to play all at project BPM, ala Ableton, we will be grinning from ear to asshole!

[ This is something i so wish to see in the future. Heres hoping!!! ]

*forward all these types of feature requests issues where appropriate and it will more than likely appear one day....(?)

Ross B.
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Please keep in mind that this isn't the feature requests forum :-)