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if anyone has stumbled on some of my previous posts, he has probably noticed my personal "mission" is to use Audiomulch as the brain and engine to allow extensive routing, splitting and mixing ( which are completely possible as it is now) and find the way to use it as a parameter and preset controller for internal contraptions and Vsts'.
I use it to process a played signal ( guitar) and not to play any sample or vsti.

Preset changer is what you need, but it doesn't work if you don't want to stop sound going through AM.

I have tried to get the best out of the amazing metasurface but, while you can "trick it" by setting specific midi values to allow you to use a specific midi command emulating an x/y position, it still behaves as it is supposed to do: shifting between a position and another moving through all the positions in between. I don't always want this.

Tonight I decided to check automation.
It's easy to automate and record any parameter you want, therefore it is another solution to make several "scene shots".
Now I'd need to know:
Is it possible to set marks along the timeline, to assign a midi control to each of them and to jump between them ?
This would be a potential solution for me.

Sorry if I come up with a question which is surely easy for those of you who use automation already but I used it for the first time 15 minutes ago.

thanks !

jet jaguar
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No, you can't jump in the timeline.

Do you need to have Mulch's clock running while you play your guitar?

If you don't need the clock running, you could create different automation "scenes". Maybe have one set up at bar 1, the next one at bar 2, etc.

Then automate Clock Stop so it stops just before the change to the next scene.

Assign Clock Start to a midi controller, or whatever way you want to trigger that. When you trigger it it will switch all the parameters to the automated settings at bar 1 and then stop. The next time you trigger it it will start playing from the point you stopped, and will switch to the next scene.

Does that make sense?

If you think this would help, but need more info, please ask more. :)