AudioMulch turns off audio output in ASIO4ALL driver, help please!

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I have a mac on which I use an application called parallels which runs windows XP.

I've installed Audiomulch on the emulator (Windows XP). The Windows platform itself seems fine for the most part as WMP plays most .aiff files (except a few which are said to be corrupt). However, whenever I run Audiomulch, the output of my recently installed ASIO4ALL driver (I read that this fixed the problem) turns off.

The output has a red "x" (if I hover over it, there's an error that says "Status: Unavailable! In use by other application?"

EDIT: I've realized the "x" (Unavailable status of output) only shows up when I run AudioMulch.

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Sorry for the question but why you dont use AM in the Macosx native version ? Do you use some software that are windows avalaible only ?

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My mac is screwy and can't run a lot of programs for some reason (it just freezes and I have to force quit). I think it's because most software are more compatible with windows, so I stick with windows and it works out well for me (other than this problem).

Ross B.
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If a program is accessing the audio device, ASIO4ALL will report that the device is in use. That's what you're seeing. This would happen, for example, if you had AudioMulch set up to use Windows Multimedia or DirectSound drivers.

If you want to use Asio4All with AudioMulch, make sure you select it in the settings. If you want Asio4All to work in another app, either don't have AM launched, or set it up to use a different audio device (make sure you select the devices correctly in the Audio Input, Audio output and Sound file Preview pages of AudioMulch's settings.

In general I find that ASIO4ALL is very picky about device usage.

And ultimately, for lowest audio latency and greatest stability I strongly recommend that you use the native Mac version of AudioMulch.