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Hi All.

I've been using audiomulch from since it was in its beta days and I purchased a license key shortly after ver 1.0 was released. I've gone through alot of P.C's in that time and i've just had my latest one die on me! I feel like a bit of a change from P.C's and I'm starting to think it might be an idea to give macs a go but really can't afford a power mac or iBook so have been looking at getting a mac mini.
I have no idea about macs or how their operating systems and software work as I've never used one, but does anyone know if audiomulch will work on a mac mini and would it be powerful enough to run mulch?
I know these might sound like stupid questions but really I have no idea and can't seem to find much about the mac minis on the Internet other than it saying that mulch works on Intel based macs.
Thanks Matt

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At least with the built-in contraptions, pretty much any modern machine will run mulch. Many of the contraptions were originally designed with hardware from ~13 years ago in mind, so as far as native contraptions go, I've never built a patch that my computer couldn't handle. This is great because you can reach some ridiculous levels of complexity using the builtin contraptions. I'm pretty sure even a mac mini will be fine.

Obviously if you like high-end VSTs, you'll eventually hit a limit. I run audiomulch on a 2010 Macbook Pro and it runs fine. IMO, the biggest downside to OSX mulch - because of some limitations with mac frameworks - VST Guis can't appearl in the properties panel (they appear as a floating window).

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Thanks for your reply Revo.

I'd be looking at running some simple vst effects, standard delays, reverbs, flangers, compressors ect so I'd guess they'd not be classed as high end? As you say most of these are standard in the mulch contraption effects built in the programme.
As I'm not a mac user I was more concerned about the type of computer the mini mac is as it has no DVD/CD drive so wasn't sure if it ran more like an iPad (with only app type software from the app store) or could run any other software like a big power mac?

Think I might give the mini mac a go.


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The Mac mini is a full-blown Mac; it runs the full OS X code. It is limited in its hardware - only so much RAM, for instance, and now no CD drive - but it is a Mac in every way. (I would guess it's more or less a laptop motherboard or chipset stuffed into a different box.) It doesn't have a high-end graphics processor, for obvious reasons.

As you may know, though, Apple is gradually making the Mac more iPad-like, but nothing to worry about now, especially AM-wise.

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thoses mac minis (the new ones) have core i5 or i7 in it with 2 to 4 gigs of ram. Imo, this is enough to run mulch.

I run audiomulch on my laptop which is a core2duo (2 years old) toshiba with 4 gigs of ram and I run it at 64 samples buffer size. Thoses mac minis are faster than what I have.(not my desktop though :)

Like the others said, it will depends on what virtual instruments or effects you are using at the same time.

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Thanks for the replies all.

Does anyone run AM on the latest os x is it lion? I read that mulch only works upto snow leopard but then read elsewhere on this forum that it should be ok? This is a big one for me as will basically be getting a mac to run mulch and a wave editor?

Thanks again


Ross B.
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Hi Matt

Am 2.2 will "officially" support lion but AM 2.1 seems to run fine on Lion. I have a Mac Mini from last year running Lion. AM runs on it.


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Excellent news, thanks Ross.