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brendon bussy
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I recently ran a workshop for a small innovative theatre company here in Cape Town. Participating were three young deaf performers - I wrote a blog post about it here. We explored sound using touch using a variety of objects in the first half of the workshop, then switched over to contact miked objects running through audiomulch and into a subwoofer.

The workshop went really well. Now I'm thinking of a follow up, especially with one of the participants who really rocked out. I'm having this crazy thought that maybe I could help him produce a soundtrack for a performance using a variety of approaches including audiomulch. I'm thinking - 'why not teach him to use audio software?'. I guess the question is how?

I've thought of a few approaches, but thought I'd ask and see if anyone had experience with something like this and perhaps a few ideas?


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The first thing that comes to mind would be to complement any low frequency or tactile output with visual displays - waveform, spectrum, and maybe more abstracted visualisations - not really native AM territory, but should be possible to get a few freeware plugs/apps to do the work - whether this translates into a meaningful way of learning music software I'm not sure, but could be worth a try...

brendon bussy
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Thanks Spectro

Your suggestion could be very helpful in helping a deaf producer know when they're producing a sound outside of their 'hearing'  touch range. A spectrum display would probably be the most useful.

An abstracted display could also provide additional feedback for non hearing audience.