AudioMulch development update, March 2012: 2.2 Beta now available

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Ross B.
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Hello everyone,

It's time for another AudioMulch development update:

AudioMulch 2.2 Beta testing is now open

The main news is that AudioMulch 2.2 is now ready for beta testing. If you're interested in helping out, please consider yourself invited. Let your friends know too. Please email and I'll give you access to the beta. (If you contacted me about this already, but haven't heard from me yet, please email again, I'm afraid I missed your email.) [UPDATE: we're no longer accepting new beta testers for version 2.2. The final version will be released soon.]

The "What’s Coming?" page lists the main features and changes that will be part of AudioMulch 2.2. These include lower latency, better MIDI clock sync, MIDI switching for Metasurface snapshots, among other things. There have been some improvements to plugin compatibility with the Metasurface and contraption presets. On Mac the GUI has been switched to use Apple's Cocoa framework -- this may have some positive impact for plug-ins -- so if you're a plugin developer, or a heavy plugin user you may want to test things out in the 2.2 Beta.

Right now I'm focusing on fixing bugs so that AudioMulch 2.2 can be officially released. If you found a bug in AudioMulch 2.1 and you'd like to see it fixed, please consider testing the beta, and/or let me know so the bugs can be tracked and fixed.

Overall AudioMulch 2.2 will be a modest update, but it addresses a number of issues that have been raised in the forum, and feedback so far has been very positive.

Impending website update

I wouldn't usually make a big deal about a website update, but the one that's coming is a bit different. The community area is being updated to make it easier to access all community content from one page. We're adding the ability for you to post and share your AudioMulch patches. The discography is also being revived with the ability to edit and add your own discography entries.

There may be a small disruption to the website while we switch over to the new version. I'll post again before the update happens. I'm expecting it to land in about two week's time.

If you have any specific questions about this post, please feel free to post a comment or email me at For other feature requests, please post to the Feature Requests forum.

Many thanks,